Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well, like I said before this is a new week and a new me. Yesterday after getting home the first thing I did was get my running shoes and changed into my running gear. After a short talk to my wife, I went to the park where it was Hot, Hot Hot !! Man I did not realize how hot it really was, I think it was around 95 degrees.

I used RunKeeper to keep track of my pace and time and for my run yesterday I ran a total of 1.70 miles with an avg. pace of 15:17. I know what some of you are saying, 15:17 is not running that is walking. Well to me it is jogging and it felt like it. I maintained about a 4mph rate till a little past the 1 mile mark. It is a start.

So today I went home for lunch and ate with my wife. I also got some chicken ready for tonight's dinner. If anyone is wondering what I am having tonight it is called, Unbelievable Chicken . It looked good and I like to grill so, I setup the marinade while I was at home and now the chicken is sitting nicly in my refrigerator. I will try and post the recipe if I cook so you can get an idea of what I eat.

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