Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend WoW

Well, back to work and boy the week started off with a bang. I ended up waking up right around 8:00 because my alarm on my phone did not go off. Not sure why it did not, but it did not. I think it had something to do with the time change and my phone did not work right because of it. Finally got to work and the kids to school though.

The weekend was pretty good, not much went on. Tried to keep it simple, there is a lot around the house that I need to do, but have not had a chance to do. Some things that I want to get done around the house this year are:

1. Get surround sound speakers setup.
2. Redo the laundry room (add pantry and cabinets and maybe a laundry sink)
3. Add some landscaping to the backyard and possibly add a walkway down the side of the house.
4. Paint the living room.
5. Clean the carpets.

That is a pretty good list for now. I need to get it written up and tacked somewhere so we can get it done. Hopefully once we I get my truck paid off I can get some money to get some of these things done.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Well the weekend is now over and I am back at work. I went home and tried to help my mother though a few things that she is going through but it did not work out so well, so now I am back at home and at work.

After work today I am headed up to North Little Rock to drop off some stuff for a consignment sale that my wife is putting stuff in. I have to run home and put together Masons old crib so we can sell it. If the weather holds off I might try and go jogging later tonight, don't know though. I really want to get back into something.

I have found a new love for coffee. It seems that it really gets me going in the morning and this morning I was dragging pretty badly but once I got that cup of coffee I was ready to go. I am going to look into a decent coffee maker because the stuff that they have at work, is pretty bad.

Till again..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kids room

Back to work today. Had my yearly review and all is good, but other than that not much happened today. The kids seemed to be in a weird mood today. Neither one of them wanted to behave. Not sure what was the reason for that. Will be a busy week with Soccer practice tomorrow, game on Friday and birthday party on Saturday.

We got Megan some new furniture a few weeks ago and finally got it setup over the weekend. Mason got the old furniture and Megan got some new stuff that hopefully she will be able to go into. Mason and Megan both seem to enjoy their new/newish stuff.