Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vid of Megan

Here is a video of Megan at her "Show Me Day" at the Little Gym. Enjoy...

Goings on..

Well, a lot happened since the last time I posted. Over the weekend my whole family got sick. We all got the stomach bug, but luckly (don't know how lucky) I got it later than both Megan and Tiff. So we were fighting that Sunday and Monday.

It was pretty much done with on Monday evening for Megan's show me day at her tumble class. Here are some pics. I have also been doing pretty well in my opinion with my health. I have not had the time to go to the gym this week, but last week I went 2-3 times. When i get home today, I am going to try and do a workout that is on the 8-week workout page, that can be done from home.

Here are some pics.

Enjoy the pics, will try and get a vid up soon.

Till next time.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year, New Me..

Well, I started back at the gym, and now just got to get my eating in order. I got to talking to a buddy and he started on Mens Health Belly off club. After looking at it, it does not seem that hard to get into. Easier than other workout plans. It already started this past week, so I am a little behind, but I have been going to the gym.

Again, eating will be my hard part. Some things that Butch, my friend mentioned is that he baked a few chicken breast in the beginning of the week, and when dinner comes around, he cooks dinner for his wife and child and then just pulls out the chicken breast from earlier in the week, warms it up and adds some veggies. Quick and easy. I am going to try this out for a week and see how it goes.

My lunch will be the hardest part. I have to find something easy, might go out and get some turkey and mustard and bring it up to work with some bread, and make my sandwich up here instead of making it at home.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Past Weekend..

Well, I played a lot this past weekend, probably more than I should have. Got me thinking some more. Last night I went into Shadow Labs with a Pally tank and after looking at his gear, I thought to myself, that I will pull agro with my shadow priest, but that was further from the truth.

I was surprised at how well, he was holding agro, and not on just one mob but all of them. I have a pally tank, Kersplooge, and my gear is better than what he had, my I don't believe that I could have held any more agro than he did. He had mostly greens, but all dps gear, he maybe had one or 2 pieces of real tanking gear.

This got me thinking, that I need to relook at my gear, and start getting 5-man gear, so that my threat can increase so I can hold agro better in 5-mans. For the most part, the Righteousness set is what I need. It balances a good mix between defense, stamina and spell damage. Time to start running those 5 mans to get my gear. I pretty much need everything from every instance, so I can start anywhere.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to work...

Well, I am back at work. Trying to get into the grind of things again. On to some Warcraft talk...

I keep debating on whether or not I want to switch my priest back to healing. I have amassed a decent about of gear from Kara as a shadow priest, but now that I have a tanking pally, I guess I miss the healing. I can tell you that I will not change my pally to healing. There is something about hitting one button to heal, that does not seem right.

Something like this build is what I am looking at.
I have about 1500 to healing right now, as I was a healer when I started into Kara, and pre-BC. Not sure what I want to do.

Started doing dalies. One of my new Years resolutions is to get my epic mount, so I can farm faster on my tankadin. The faster I can mine the more money I can make by selling.

Now for some non-warcraft talk. I am starting back at the gym. I need to get back into it since now I have a bike that I can ride outside, it seems only natural that I try and get healthy in the gym. We have been starting to cook more, witch is a good thing. Will keep you updated on how it all goes.

Not much going on other than that, till next time..