Monday, January 7, 2008

Past Weekend..

Well, I played a lot this past weekend, probably more than I should have. Got me thinking some more. Last night I went into Shadow Labs with a Pally tank and after looking at his gear, I thought to myself, that I will pull agro with my shadow priest, but that was further from the truth.

I was surprised at how well, he was holding agro, and not on just one mob but all of them. I have a pally tank, Kersplooge, and my gear is better than what he had, my I don't believe that I could have held any more agro than he did. He had mostly greens, but all dps gear, he maybe had one or 2 pieces of real tanking gear.

This got me thinking, that I need to relook at my gear, and start getting 5-man gear, so that my threat can increase so I can hold agro better in 5-mans. For the most part, the Righteousness set is what I need. It balances a good mix between defense, stamina and spell damage. Time to start running those 5 mans to get my gear. I pretty much need everything from every instance, so I can start anywhere.

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