Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doing bad

Well, I have not been updating my blog and my eating has gotten worse. I have not been loosing any more weight, just maintaining what I did loose. I am still 25-30 pounds less than I was, but I really want to drop another 30-40 more pounds, and I just can't seem to get it going.

I really need to get out and get jogging again, but only get out 1-2 times a week, I need to double that. Here is to hoping that I get out and get to jogging. I need to find a time that is good that I can do it everyday without worry about something getting in the way.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Megans Last soccer game

Here are some pics from Megan's last soccer game.



Sorry for the delay

Not a lot of post lately, had a bunch going on. Got some pics that I will put up on Flickr, be on the look out for those. I will link some of them on the site.

Just finished up my fence gate. IMO I did a pretty good job. Spent about $50 bucks on the whole project. I ended up replacing 2 4x4 post with one steel post and swinging the gate the opposate way. It closes with no problems now. The only thing that I have left to do on it is I want to add some L brackets holding it to the house so the metal pole does not move when you open the gate.

2011-05-06 12.18.18

More updates to come.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


This weekend was busy and hectic.

Friday started with family getting here to start the weekend for Masons birthday. Both of the families got into town around the same time, just in time for Megan's Soccer game.

I tell you, Megan was a show off for the game. I think she scored 5 or so goals, it was the best that she has ever done. Tiffany was a little frazzled though out the weekend, but she got though it with no problems, and now onto the work week.

Masons birthday bash went well, we had a lot of his friends come, a few from his school and lots of siblings. Both sets of grand parents got back home OK, and I am ready to get back to normal life. Below are a few of the pics from the weekend.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Well, I have been working in my yard lately trying to get my lawn to green up. I have Bermuda grass and have found out that it is a summer loving grass but has the drawback of turning dormant during the colder months. This is not a bad thing because everybody has this type of grass and everybody's grass turns.

So I found the following link to the Bermuda Bible:
For the most part I have been doing the right thing. My first mow of the season has been a short cut to get up all of the dormant clippings. I have been doing things wrong also. You only need one application of a 3-1-2 or 4-1-2 fertilizer to start the season off, then when it gets hotter you use a high nitrogen fertilizer to keep it green.

You cut the grass often and short usually 1-1 1/4 inch. They recommend cutting every 3-5 days but you just mulch the grass and never bag it. I think this doable, just have to stay committed and I believe that I can keep it cut this low and Tiffany can cut it too when it is this low.

My front yard is in need of the most help, I cut it short at the end of the season, and I really should have cut it short now. Also last summer I did not water the lawn and I think I damaged it. Now that I know what to do, I think that I can get my lawn looking better than the ones that pay for theirs. :-)

Back Yard

Front Yard

I got out yesterday and pulled weeds out of the front yard. One thing that I also read was to spot kill weeds. I got some weed killer for Bermuda grass that works very well. I will probably get out over the next day or so and get out and kill some weeds.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My life is always moving and ever evolving. Today was busy and hectic but I got though it and now starting to wind down. My front lawn is not growing like I would like it to be, so I went to the store and got some fertilizer and lime hoping that it will be much more vibrant soon. I will mark this day as the day that I applied it, so I will know not to do it again too soon.

Small group was good, and as one person stated it they never thought that they would ever hear the words "Booty Call" or "Noon-er" at a small group. ;-)

The kids are getting ready for bed and soon shall I. Have a good night, and sleep well.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sat ur day

What a day today was. Man it was a pretty good day IMO. Started off with a garage sale and ended up eating a pretty good meal at On The Boarder. Tiffany did not think the garage sale went well, but I thought it was decent.

We sold some stuff but it really was not as good as we were expecting. Don't get me wrong, we made some money, but given how nice the day was we were expecting more traffic.

Once the garage sale was over, I did a little power washing around the house. I cleaned off the deck, cleaned the outdoor furniture, and cleaned some green stuff off the siding. I say it looks pretty good.

Mason found out how to use the power washer. Next time I am going to let him clean the house and deck.

Tiffany and Mason decided to go for a bike ride that ended them up at the park. I was unable to go because Megan wanted to stay home and play with our neighbor. Tiffany texted me about an hour later to meet up at Dreamy Spoon, they were having a grand opening.

We meet up at Dreamy Spoon and the kids had some frozen yogurt and got to meet one of the local DJs, Pool Boy. He is a DJ on 107.7 FM, a local pop radio station. Below is a pic that Tiffany took of him with the kids. It was pretty funny, his car died and I offered to jump his car off, and in return Megan got a free music download and Tiffany got free car washes.

They had a rock climbing wall at the Dreamy Spoon. Megan did not make it up far.

Mason, Megan and Pool Boy after helping him get his car started.

We ended the night at On The Boarder after church. Knowing that it would be busy on a Saturday night I called ahead to get our name on the list early. The lady on the phone said that it would take 25-30 minutes. Well, it only took about 5 and in that time Megan got a free drink out of it.

Megan and her pink outfit and drink.

She decided to wear a pretty pink dress for church, so when we got there we strolled on up to the bar area to hang out and what looked like the bar manager asked her if she wanted a pretty drink to match her pretty dress, and as you can see from the pictures below, it looks pretty good.

I have to say, today was not a bad day. It was busy, but we got some things done, we had fun, and we did it all as a family. These are the days that I enjoy. They are stressful at times, and Tiffany does get riled up, but at the end of the day the kids are happy, Tiffany is happy and I am glad to be a father.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I have not been feeling good lately, so if there are little post on here, it is because I have been under the weather trying to get better. Tomorrow is the big garage sale, I will have some pics for all to see.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yuck !!

Well, today was pretty nasty. It was cold and wet all day. Got allot done work wise but not much outside. Tomorrow I will be headed to Conway to work, should spend most of my morning there. I hope I will be done by lunch, because tomorrow is Wings Wednesday baby !!

My wife got allot done in the garage for our garage sale this weekend. We seem to be finding more and more things. It is suppose to be sunny and in the mid 70s so hopefully it will go well.

I HAVE to get back into the gym. My eating has been pretty good but I need to get in the gym to really start loosing weight. I have been talking to some friends and they get there daily, so there is no excuse why I can not do the same.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better than today.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Well, I ended up call back ATT asking how much it would take for me to get out of my contact and it is going to cost about how much I can sell my phone for. So I could get out of my contact and go to another carrier with no cost to me.

Being ATT, they told me that I could lower my plan to save some money, because come to find out I am not even coming close to my minutes. Chalk this up to something else that I did not know. Currently me and my wife share 1400 minutes and we are really only using about 500, 600 at most. It actually took the rep a few minutes and help to find out where I could see this information.

I could drop down to 700 minute plan for $20 less. And on top of that I could get a fee upgrade to any phone but the iphone4. So If I stay with ATT I could get a new phone and cell my current phone and gain about $250 or I could drop ATT like a bad rock because they did not honor what they said and transfer over my unlimited data plan and move to Verizon.

I will be waiting on whatever I do to when Tiffany gets ready to upgrade her phone. Did some reading today and it looks like apple may not release their next iphone in June like they have been doing in the past.

One thing I know, more phones are due out soon so I will be waiting to see what is going to happen. I might just go ahead and drop my plan down to 700 minutes just to save $20 a month.


You know, it has been one of those days. It seems that it has been a typical Monday. I did meet up with some friends and ate sushi but other than that, the day has been pretty blah.

I really need to get out and do something but I just can't get motivated to do anything. Megan has soccer and Mason has tumble so I will get out then. I think it is the weather. Cold and wet lately, not conducive to a good mood.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Movie !!

Today was a pretty good day. Started off going shopping with my daughter. She needed a new pair of shoes. We went to Rack Room Shoes, and she got IMO a new pair of good shoes, not just a kids pair but one that will hopefully last her for awhile.

We then walked to over to JC Penney's and looked at some luggage. We are thinking about getting new luggage for our trip to Oregon. We have never bought luggage before, we just use hand me down stuff atm.

After killing time looking around in department stores, I ended up going to the movies with my son. We saw Rango and if anyone has not seen it, it is a pretty good movie.

After the movie, we ate with my wife's friend Beckie. I ate a Olive Garden and for the first time I did not have any pasta there, just good soup and salad.

We are now home, and I am ready for bed. Am I glad that the weekend is over? Not really. It was a pretty good weekend with my family even though we spent money. :-)

I would do it again in a heart beat. I love my wife and my family and I enjoyed being with them today.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Megans Soccer Game

Well, Megan had her soccer game tonight, and it was very nice. It was a little cold for me this time of year, but all in all not a bad night. Here are a few pics that I took of Megan at the game.

untitled shoot-001.jpg




If you notice, there is a lot of noise in the photos. This is due to me setting the ISO to around 800. I had to do this to get quick shots. There was an overcast and it was late in the evening. I will continue to learn my camera but I know the more that I do it, the better I will get.


Well I was denied for a third time to be upgraded to the unlimited data plan on my phone. To give u a bit of back story, I upgraded to my current phone with the thought that I would keep my unlimited data plan. This did not happen and when I realized the mistake it was too late.

I have been denied three times to be switched to the plan that I was suppose to be on. Every time I call they esscelate the call and every time it gets denied. As soon as my wife upgrades her phone I will be looking hard at Verizon and switch carriers.

If I could drop uverse and get something better I would but there is nothing better where I am at.
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Friday !!

Well, it was a pretty good day for a Friday. I got the kids up and moving, or more likely the kids got me up and moving. I ate lunch with my beautiful wife at her work and then came home to work some more.

There has been a nasty virus going around our work that we have been cleaning up over the past day, hopefully it will be cleaned up soon. Been working pretty hard today, trying to finish up the week good.

Tonight is Megan's soccer game, so I will post some pictures from the game.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Here are a two pictures that I took of my little man outside today after they got home. He was playing with some stone rabbits that we have in our flower beds and was trying to put his shoes on them. They were the rabbits shoes ;-)

He is a handful, but would not give anything for him and would do anything to keep him safe.



I have started playing with my Olympus E500 that my wife hates. She does not like it because the camera is so big. I got her a little point and shoot Panasonic last year, and it works out better for her. I have been using the Olympus more and more just trying to get better used to all of the settings. I am going to be putting more and more photos on here, so keep watching.


As I mentioned before, Here are a few pics that I took of our landscaping that we have been doing over the past month




Here is the timer that I got to water everything on the side of the house. It is set to go off at 6 AM every morning for 30 min.


There is some space in between the bushes that I want to put something, but right now I want to see how everything else grows. Tiffany planted some bulbs and with the soaker hose I am curious as to how well they grow. I have hope that they will grow like they suppose to. I don't remember what exactly she purchased, but I am sure that it will look great.

It is turning out to be a very beautiful day. I might try and get a jog in soon or wait for Tiffany and the kids to come home and see if Megan (my daughter) wants to get on her bike and ride along while I jog. It would be nice to get her outside of the house on such a nice day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What a Day

It was a nice day today. I got a lot done, my wife was off work today and all in all, it was not half bad. Started off working and got a lot done. Finished up taxes, was kind of waiting because we have to pay federal but we get back enough to offset with state.

Tiffany and I went to lunch, had a good lunch. I had 2 chicken fajita wraps and Tiffany had chicken nachos. She is contemplating on doing the all raw green veggie detox that I went though about a month ago. I say go for it.

After getting back home, and doing more work I get the kids from daycare. They had a pretty good day too. Getting home I get them outside to shovel some mulch that I had purchased earlier in the day. We ate our dinner and finished up on the mulch, and after showers we are now all ready for bed.

Today's weight: pound or so less
Sleep hours last night: 10
Number of fruits and vegetables today: fruit smoothie for lunch, chicken and veggies for dinner
Type of physical exercise and # of minutes: working in yard
One thing that motivates me today: my kids and my wife
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being terrible and 10 being the best, rate your:

Quality of sleep 10
Mood 10
Anxiety 9
Attention 9
Energy 9
Memory 8
Impulse control 7

I will take a picture of the flower beds tomorrow and post them, I think they look very good.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today's weight: not sure
Sleep hours last night: 6
Number of fruits and vegetables today: a good bit
Type of physical exercise and # of minutes: working in yard
One thing that motivates me today: my kids
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being terrible and 10 being the best, rate your:

Quality of sleep 5
Mood 9
Anxiety 8
Attention 9
Energy 8
Memory 7
Impulse control 3

Good day today also. Sunday was pretty good. Got some more things done around the yard, sprayed grub killer since we found a few in our flower bed. I need to get my mulch to spread out in the beds, and after that I will be done. I think it will last though the summer with the soaker hose.

Lunch was good at Jason's Deli, below you will see my lunch, it was pretty good imo. Small group was good tonight, I cooked chicken fajitas, for the most part I stayed true to my diet, but strayed a little with some corn and guacamole dip.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today's weight: not sure
Sleep hours last night: 10
Number of fruits and vegetables today: a good bit
Type of physical exercise and # of minutes: working in yard
One thing that motivates me today: my kids
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being terrible and 10 being the best, rate your:

Quality of sleep 8
Mood 9
Anxiety 8
Attention 9
Energy 8
Memory 7
Impulse control 3

Not a bad day today, pretty good for Saturdays. We got a lot done around the house. This morning, Tiffany went with Megan to her fun meet for gymnastics. She is now officially lvl 2. This is a good thing. My wife has some pictures that I will post when I get them off the camera.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day with Megan having soccer and also the Daddy/Daughter dance that night. We had a pretty good time, and after a few of us dads with our daughters went and got some frozen yogurt. Of course mine was sugar free with fruit.

For a Saturday, it was pretty good. Later in the evening Tiffany and I went out for dinner and a movie, but the movie got cut short because Megan was not feeling well. So, we came home gave the baby sitter money and then put Megan to sleep.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Afternoon jog

WOW. I never knew that jog would be so hard. My gps on my phone put it at 3.4 miles, but mapmyrun put it at 3.11 miles. I will go with map my run, none the less it was a hard jog. There are a lot of hills in that route. My legs are burning.

It was nice to get out though, getting that vitamin D really feels good. I have a feeling that this summer, I will getting outside a lot more. 3.1 miles in 51 min, pretty slow, but getting longer and longer jogs in.
Another morning, a new me. Started off the day eating half of a kolchie and an apple fritter. Better than last week but since Fridays seem to be Donut day for the kids, I take what I can get.

I feel pretty good today, I need to go around the house and open some windows so it is not so dark while I work. Getting sun really makes me feel better.

Daddy/daughter dance at our church is tonight, I will get some pics up tonight so you can see how big my daughter is. We went last year it was pretty fun, but this year we also have soccer the same night, so we will have a game first then run and change to get to the dance.

Tomorrow we will get a sitter and Tiffany and I will be going out for a date. It has been awhile since we have gone out, so it will be nice.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A new me

Well, going to try and get my blog going again. In helping with my better fitness and health, I am going to start using this blog site to start a journal. Some of the things that I am going to write daily are:

Today's weight:
Sleep hours last night:
Number of fruits and vegetables today:
Type of physical exercise and # of minutes:
One thing that motivates me today:
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being terrible and 10 being the best, rate your:

Quality of sleep
Impulse control

I am also going to use this site to write what I had to eat with photos. I have to know what to eat and know what I am eating to become a healther person. I have lost about 15 pounds over the last 6 weeks, now I am on to loosing more and eating healther for the rest of my life.