Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bad Day :-(

Well, I did not get up this morning and jog. I just could not get myself out of bed. I have been so tired lately with all of this working out and jogging, that all I wanted to do was sleep. I will try and get out to the park after dinner tonight.

I still have a date with the gym at lunch time, will do some circuit training, and hit the weights. I have been looking into doing a core exercise on my odd days. Maybe use a exercise ball to work my abs and core.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Second day

Well, I got up again this morning and went jogging. It was allot harder today. I am more sore than I was yesterday and waking up was allot harder. For the rest of the week I have 2 miles to go on Thursday and 1.5 miles on Friday. Saturday is my long day with 3 miles.

I know I can do it, it is just the fact of getting over that hump to start it. I am getting allot of support from my friends and family. Been talking to Bob Slaughter back in Monroe/West Monroe who has given me some good tips on running and allot of support.

Well that is enough of that, on with the gaming. I bought Madden 08 for my Wii yesterday and all I can say is WoW. I like it. The control is very neat and different. For instance, to do a stiff arm to the left, all you do is swing your right remote to the left, and to juke to the left, you just swing your left nunchuck to the left. It is very innovative and different I can see why EGM gave it better reviews than the ps3 version.

Oh, well, till next time...


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fitness Facts...

Fitness Fact 1. Studies have suggested that walking at a brisk pace for three or more hours a week can reduce your risk for coronary heart disease by 65 percent.

Fitness Fact 2. About 25 percent of American adults — and an even greater percentage of women — are sedentary. After age 44, upwards of 30 percent of women are sedentary, and by age 65, the proportion increases to almost 35 percent. By the time they reach age 75, about 50 percent of all women are sedentary.

Fitness Fact 3. Only about 22 percent of American adults engage in regular, sustained physical activity for at least 30 minutes five times a week, and only 15 percent exercise both regularly and vigorously.

Fitness Fact 4. No matter how poor your current level of fitness, you can start an exercise routine and become fitter and healthier. Even 90-year-old women who use walkers have been shown in studies to benefit from light weight training.

Fitness Fact 5. Simply adding movement into your daily routine can increase your level of fitness. For example, if you park in the last row of the parking lot and walk briskly five minutes each way between your office and your car, walk up and down the stairs at your office during your 10-minute afternoon coffee break, and walk the dog for 10 minutes when you get home, you've racked up 30 minutes of exercise for the day.

Fitness Fact 6. Women with heart disease or arthritis actually experience improved daily function from involvement in various modes of physical activity.

Fitness Fact 7. Fitness consists of four components: your body's ability to use oxygen as a source of energy, which translates into cardiovascular fitness; muscular strength and endurance; flexibility; and body composition.

Fitness Fact 8. To address all the components of fitness, an exercise program needs to include aerobic exercise, which is continuous repetitive movement of large muscle groups that raises your heart rate; weight lifting or strength training; and flexibility exercises or stretching.

Fitness Fact 9. Walking at a brisk pace (a 15-minute mile or 4 mph) burns almost as many calories as jogging for the same distance. The benefit of jogging is that it takes less time to cover the same distance and it benefits the bones; however, it may be too strenuous for some.

Fitness Fact 10. It takes about 12 weeks after starting an exercise program to see measurable changes in your body. However, before 12 weeks, you will notice an increase in your strength and endurance.

This morning...

Well, I did it. I got up this morning and ran about 2 miles. I need to figure out a better route to take so I can better judge my distance. It was nice and calming this morning, with a few other ppl jogging too. I will get up next morning and do the same thing.

I am curious as to how much to exercise. I am planing on going to the gym during lunch like usual and doing some cardio. Should i be doing this even though I am going to try and jog every morning? I guess I am curious as to how much is too much.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ok, here it is. My weight dropped 2 pounds since last week, all of it fat. The downside is that I did not gain any muscle over the past week. Maybe with me jogging in the mornings I will see more muscle and less fat. Only time will tell :-)


Well, I am starting one goal that I have trying to accomplish for a few years now. I signed up for training for the Little Rock Marathon on March 2nd 2008. I will be training for the next 29 weeks. The main thing that I have to overcome is waking up in the mornings to run and follow my training schedule. I am not a morning person, so this will be tough for me but I know i can overcome this.

In other news, I got my weight for this week and I lost 2 pounds over last week, with muscle and water weight staying the same. All in all not a bad week work working out. II will continue on this week with my workout to try to break that 240 limit. I will have my printout up later this evening.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Had a very good weekend. Was very busy. First we went to a friend house and ate hot dogs and relaxed, then I went to work Saturday night. Getting home at 6am, got up at10 to go to church then home to relax some before going to swim at Willow springs, outside of Little Rock with my church, New Life. It was very fun at Willow Springs. The place was intrestering, it had a nostalgic feel to it, with sand bottom and the grass and concrete walls. Attached are a few pics that were taken there, enjoy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This weeks weight..

Here is my weight sheet for this week. I was not too happy to see that I gained a pound but the trainer said that it was due to muscle gain. Ether way I was not happy so this week I have been working really hard. I know I am loosing weight because my pants are getting looser but I still would like to see the weight drop more.

WoW !!!

I am not talking about World of Warcraft this time. I did something that I have not done in a long time. Me and my family went down to the park at the end of our street and decided to go for a little walk on the trails and to play in the playground.

After completing the back half of the park, my wife and child wanted to go play on the playground but for some reason I had the urge to keep going on around the lake to get some more exercise. Instead of walking I decided to try and do a slow jog to see how far I could go before I got winded.

To my amazement I went the whole way around the lake for a total of 1 mile worth of jogging. I was floored that I did this. I kept waiting and waiting for me to get winded and tired and it never came. I got to my wife and little girl and felt like I could keep going. My wife was surprised and happy to see that I could do it.

Atached is a picture from the park where I was at jogging.


My new pally..

Well, I started leveling my pally and I have to say that I love it. I am currently speced defensive

Currently working on getting my professions up and taking a break from leveling. I am hoping to get a level today, but will see. Can't wait to get to 40 as I get my mount then and damn I need my mount.

This weeks workout...

Well, I got weighed and I did not do as well as I had hoped. I gained one pound but my trainer seems to think that this is a good thing because I lost fat and gained muscle. I will get scan of the print out up tonight.

Either way, it is making me work harder this week and eat better. I am really going to try and keep under 15 grams of fat per meal. This is going to be my goal this week.

I got to talking to a guy at the gym and I am thinking about running in the Little Rock Marathon next year. I am still unsure about this because it involves me getting up early and train, and I am not a morning person. Only time will tell.

Till next time...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Not allot went on today. Not much going on around work atm either. Madden 08 comes out in 2 weeks and I can't wait.

Gym went well, I really are starting to get motivated. For the first time in my life I am actually wanting to go to the gym, and it feels weird. I can see good things finally happening to me, it is nice.

Also looking to get a new TV/entertainment system. Going to wait till next year to purchase because I have too much to pay off and to pay for right now, to justify a new TV. With the TV, I think I might get a PS3. Been reading, and I hope by then they will become a little more affordable.

Till next time.