Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sat ur day

What a day today was. Man it was a pretty good day IMO. Started off with a garage sale and ended up eating a pretty good meal at On The Boarder. Tiffany did not think the garage sale went well, but I thought it was decent.

We sold some stuff but it really was not as good as we were expecting. Don't get me wrong, we made some money, but given how nice the day was we were expecting more traffic.

Once the garage sale was over, I did a little power washing around the house. I cleaned off the deck, cleaned the outdoor furniture, and cleaned some green stuff off the siding. I say it looks pretty good.

Mason found out how to use the power washer. Next time I am going to let him clean the house and deck.

Tiffany and Mason decided to go for a bike ride that ended them up at the park. I was unable to go because Megan wanted to stay home and play with our neighbor. Tiffany texted me about an hour later to meet up at Dreamy Spoon, they were having a grand opening.

We meet up at Dreamy Spoon and the kids had some frozen yogurt and got to meet one of the local DJs, Pool Boy. He is a DJ on 107.7 FM, a local pop radio station. Below is a pic that Tiffany took of him with the kids. It was pretty funny, his car died and I offered to jump his car off, and in return Megan got a free music download and Tiffany got free car washes.

They had a rock climbing wall at the Dreamy Spoon. Megan did not make it up far.

Mason, Megan and Pool Boy after helping him get his car started.

We ended the night at On The Boarder after church. Knowing that it would be busy on a Saturday night I called ahead to get our name on the list early. The lady on the phone said that it would take 25-30 minutes. Well, it only took about 5 and in that time Megan got a free drink out of it.

Megan and her pink outfit and drink.

She decided to wear a pretty pink dress for church, so when we got there we strolled on up to the bar area to hang out and what looked like the bar manager asked her if she wanted a pretty drink to match her pretty dress, and as you can see from the pictures below, it looks pretty good.

I have to say, today was not a bad day. It was busy, but we got some things done, we had fun, and we did it all as a family. These are the days that I enjoy. They are stressful at times, and Tiffany does get riled up, but at the end of the day the kids are happy, Tiffany is happy and I am glad to be a father.

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