Monday, March 28, 2011


Well, I ended up call back ATT asking how much it would take for me to get out of my contact and it is going to cost about how much I can sell my phone for. So I could get out of my contact and go to another carrier with no cost to me.

Being ATT, they told me that I could lower my plan to save some money, because come to find out I am not even coming close to my minutes. Chalk this up to something else that I did not know. Currently me and my wife share 1400 minutes and we are really only using about 500, 600 at most. It actually took the rep a few minutes and help to find out where I could see this information.

I could drop down to 700 minute plan for $20 less. And on top of that I could get a fee upgrade to any phone but the iphone4. So If I stay with ATT I could get a new phone and cell my current phone and gain about $250 or I could drop ATT like a bad rock because they did not honor what they said and transfer over my unlimited data plan and move to Verizon.

I will be waiting on whatever I do to when Tiffany gets ready to upgrade her phone. Did some reading today and it looks like apple may not release their next iphone in June like they have been doing in the past.

One thing I know, more phones are due out soon so I will be waiting to see what is going to happen. I might just go ahead and drop my plan down to 700 minutes just to save $20 a month.

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