Monday, March 8, 2010


Well the weekend is now over and I am back at work. I went home and tried to help my mother though a few things that she is going through but it did not work out so well, so now I am back at home and at work.

After work today I am headed up to North Little Rock to drop off some stuff for a consignment sale that my wife is putting stuff in. I have to run home and put together Masons old crib so we can sell it. If the weather holds off I might try and go jogging later tonight, don't know though. I really want to get back into something.

I have found a new love for coffee. It seems that it really gets me going in the morning and this morning I was dragging pretty badly but once I got that cup of coffee I was ready to go. I am going to look into a decent coffee maker because the stuff that they have at work, is pretty bad.

Till again..

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