Thursday, August 6, 2009


Sorry for no post yesterday, but I have been pretty busy. I went on call yesterday and also went to a Vmware vSphere 4.0 launch party. The presentation was pretty good, we run Vmware here where I work, and I really need to learn more about it.

Regarding my running, I have been staying on track, and I weighed myself last night and I am down 5 pounds from last week. I was surprised, it is really getting me motivated to get out more. My run today will be 2-3 miles. I am going to try and push it.

I found a new training program that I am going to try out, Podrunner. It is a podcast for running. It is basically the couch to 5k program put to music. Your pace is the music beats and it tells you when to jog and when to run. I am going to try it out today and see how it goes. They have one for 5k, 8k and 10k. The 5k program is a 10 week program.

This Saturday I will be meeting at 6 am @ the start of the NLR River Trail
(across from Alltel Arena, by the I-30 boat launch & the NLR Rowing Club
Boathouse). Since this is my long day, I will be going 4 miles. I don't expect to jog the whole thing, but I will be having fun doing it ;-)

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