Saturday, August 8, 2009

A long day

Well, This day is about over, it is 1am and I am about done with my work. It all started today with me jogging my usual lap around the lake (stats are below) and then got hot and messy from there.

Me and the wife finally got around to finishing up our deck. I have been working to get the old stain removed, cleaned and re-stained for about 3 months now. It took 6 hours to stain the railing and about 1 hour for me to finish up the floor of the deck. All in all I think it looks good, but I will have to get one more gallon to do my touch up because we used up the 2 gallons that we got.

btw, it was 95 degrees today ;-)

My daughter came home today. I am glad that she is home, I missed her. Me and the wife have been keeping the house pretty clean since she was gone, now we have to let my daughter know that the house needs to stay clean and that she will have to pick up after herself. She is about to turn 5 in October, is that asking too much?

I will get some pics of the deck up over the next few days. I will have a before and after.

2.34 miles
16.16 pace
3.69 Avg speed
363 Calories burned

I will be resting tomorrow.

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