Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Run

Well, I got out and jogged yesterday, but did not run my usual 2 miles. Here are my stats:

Duration: 0:28:38
Distance: 1.66 miles
Avg Pace: 17:13 per mile
Avg Speed: 3.49 mph

It was a good jog, I am not going by speed but instead distance, so the easier it gets for the further I go, I am happy. I had to stop early because it started to rain and my kids and wife were at the playground waiting for me to finish.

I will get out today, after work, and jog/walk again. I am on the second week of pod intervals to help me get distance I will follow the podcast for my short runs, and on Saturday, if I ever get up, I will just do my log runs, 3+ miles without doing pod intervals.

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