Thursday, August 27, 2009

Core workout

Well had a pretty good workout yesterday. We worked our core for an hour, it was brutal. It is not just the workout but you have to jog about a mile before the workout starts to get your heart rate up. That just kills me sometimes.

One thing that I need to try is not to eat right before my workout. It was tough working out after eating delicious turkey tacos that Tiffany made for dinner.

Well, another week almost gone and another Saturday run about to be here. This Saturday we will be meeting at 6 am at Pinnacle Mountain State Park at the Visitor's Center. The scheduled distances are: 1 mi (half marathon build up), 4 mi (marathon build up), 6 mi, and 8 mi. Don't forget your bug spray AND your water and/or sports drink.

Well, today I need to jog a mile and a half. Not sure if am going to stick with my schedule but instead do the boot camp. I think that I will do better at the boot camp.

Since I did not wake up in time this morning, I was unable to get a proper breakfast. I ended up running out the door with 20 min to get the kids to school, and in traffic, it takes about 30. Because of this, I did not get the breakfast that I wanted to eat which was special K with bananas and one packet of Splenda. Instead I had to settle on Burger King croissant meal. I will be headed home for lunch, and I might just walk/jog my distance at lunch.

Since I blog every day, I think I am going to blog what I eat to get a sense of my food intake. If anyone has any calorie counting web sites that they recommend, please let me know.

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