Friday, August 28, 2009


Well, a good workout yesterday. Lots of squats and leg lifts. Worked my lower body pretty good and now today I am sore. I am going to go workout an extra day on Saturday because I was unable to workout on Tuesday and I hear that it is pretty brutal on Saturdays.

My eating yesterday was not terrible but could have been better.

  1. BK Crossant 340
  2. Small Hash Brown 230
  1. Turkey Sandwitch 260
  2. chips 140
  3. Pudding Cup 102
  1. Banana 110
  2. Med Diet Cherry Limeade 15
  1. Steak Fajita 228
Total: 1213 calories

I think I did pretty good, only ate one fajita. I was pretty hungry after getting home from work, but did not want to eat before my workout because it did not go well the day before when I did that, so I just ate one fajita to get something in my stomach, with the intention of eating more after my workout. When I got home I was not hungry and was just ready to take a shower and rest.

This morning I did pretty good, had special K with half a banana and a hard boiled egg. I have yet to have a coke and I am feeling it, I might just go upstairs and get me a diet coke.

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