Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Man was it a busy day yesterday. I had a pretty long workout yesterday. Did a 2.5 mile jog along with a cardio circuit which included push-ups, dips, leg squats and squat jumps. Megan had her soccer practice and then my wife went off to her woman's meeting.

Got some good sleep last night and woke up to a very groggy daughter. She stayed up waiting for my wife to come home so she could read her books to her. Megan was not very awake this morning and she was dragging. She will be going to bed early tonight ;-)

My wife leaves for Illinois tomorrow morning so the kids will be mine for a few days. I have an array of activities to give them to keep them busy. In other words, I have no idea what I am going to do, but I will survive.

To anyone that is family that reads this blog, Megan will have her birthday party on October the 10th. She will be turning 5 and we will be having it a a local bowling alley. Should be a pretty fun time.

My last workout will be today. I am debating on weather or not to start up again next week. To tell you the truth I would not mind finding a gym. Not really an exersice gym, but more of a boxing/taekwondo gym. I also want to start up my P90X dvd, might try that tonight.

Till next time.

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