Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Today is a busy day. Work has been steady but busy, I progressed a few more steps in deploying Windows Deployment Service (WDS), but currently working to get the proper permissions for Active Directory (AD) working.

My workout last night was pretty good, today is a busy day. My wife has a woman's meeting at 6:30, Megan has soccer practice at 6:00 and I have my workout at 6. So I will go to my workout, my wife will take Megan to practice and then I will get my daughter so my wife can go to her meeting. Like I said, busy.

Supper will be a quick sandwich, chicken nuggets or fish sticks. I know what you are saying, man what a healthy meal, but that is the life of a busy family. Better than fast food in my opinion.

Not much else going on. Wife will be leaving Thursday morning, so I have to prepare for that along with going on call tomorrow. This week will be really busy so if I don't post much you know the reason.

Till next time.

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