Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soccer day

Well, my daughter had her first soccer practice yesterday and I think she really enjoyed it. I was amazed at how much she ran and never slowed down. I think that she will really enjoy it. Below is a pic that I snapped.

Picture 001

It has been a pretty eventful day here at work. For the past month or so they have been prepping an area for a new 2250KW generator install and they finally started installing it today. Below are some pics that I took of the generator and what it looks like if anyone is interested.

About to lift generator

All 3 Generators

I am pretty sore from working out yesterday. We ended up doing a lot of lunges and right now I am begining to get pretty sore. I need to work it out some. Today we will be working on core and I am ready for it. I have been feeling pretty good at the end of the working so I am thinking that today will push me pretty good as I know my core is not that good.


ashley said...

Elvis said Megan gets her soccer skills from her uncle...and he's not talking about Sean.

Opie said...

Really now.