Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend work

Its been a few days since my last post but I will try and keep it pretty simple. My wife got a call over the weekend about her cousin dieing in an auto accident. She was pretty close to him and I have been on the phone and scouring the internet for the best air fair deals. I found a pretty good deal with American Airlines bereavement fare. She is flying out Thursday morning and will be back on Saturday evening. I will have to take Megan to here soccer game on Friday, wish me luck.

Not much happened over the weekend, typical weekend. It has been really nice the last few days so I got out and mowed the yard. It was nice, I can kind of get a way with my music and just mow the yard.

I will be grilling out tonight, I can see myself outside most of the evening because of the weather. I go on call Wed so it should be fun having the kids and with Tiffany gone for the funeral. I will manage though.

Last week of workouts, a new class starts next week. I have been debating on skipping the workouts and just getting a gym membership. They have a 10 fitness here, where it is $10 a month with no contract, might look into that.

Time to go home, have a good one.

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