Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain rain, go away

Well, it has been raining here for the past few days and it seems that it will continue to rain for the next day or so and because of the rain I have not had boot camp. I talked to the instructor yesterday and he said that we will make it up over the weekend and during the week off between classes.

Other than the rain, not much going on here. I got out and rode my bike with my kids and wife yesterday. It was sprinkling so it was pretty cool but I still got winded. Pulling 2 kids in a bike trailer kind of gets your heart pumping.

Mason is getting better. The drainage in the ear was not there this morning so I nope all will be better for the weekend. Megan is the usual Megan, she would not go to sleep last night. You know it seems that she always has aches and pains at bed time, I don't understand that. Might have to get a new bed for her ;-)

Well, off to lunch, have a good one.

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