Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well, it was a pretty good Saturday given that we had pretty crappy weather. I started the morning with a workout with my group. It was pretty brutal. From now on I will be looking forward to the longer jog to start the workout because that means that it won't be as bad of exercises. To put it in perspective, we only did a 1 mile jog to start instead of the usual 2 because of the threat of rain, and because of this the group workout was pretty hard. All hour and half of it.

Went to a birthday party today for 3 year old twins, it was pretty good. Hot dogs on the grill and hanging out with some friends. After that I don't know what hit me, but I was drained and pretty much fell asleep.

My daughter had her first soccer game last night. Below are a few pics from it that me and my wife took. She got better and better as the night went on. The way that her age soccer works, is it is 3v3 with 6 kids on a team. Well, 2 did not show up and one was not too happy so for most of the night it was only 3 kids on her team that played. Because of this Megan played the whole hour. By the end of the night, she was about to pass out, but she had loads of fun and can't wait till next week.

Next week is gandparents day at her school so her Nana is coming up for that and to see her play soccer. Well, here are some pics that I promised from before.

Megan throwing ball out

Look coach !!

This fun

See mom, I can run

...and Kick

I got it.

Well, so far I have not lost much more weight. I am trying to get more into the 230s but not having much luck. I have been hovering 240 for a few weeks now. Hopefully this week I will bust though the 230s. I have not seen that number in years, and with a goal of 225 I know I can do it.

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Opie said...

i'm proud of your dedication to the boot camp! megan's game was fun. Love you!!!