Thursday, September 3, 2009

My son

Well, another day, another dollar. I had an appointment this morning to take my son to the doctor to get a consult about getting ear tubes. I found out today that his ears are so blocked that he is probably only hearing everything at about half as loud as normal. We now have an appointment for next week to get some ear tubes put in.

One more thing that I realized is that I suck at filling out forms. I am glad that I did not turn in the paperwork before my wife corrected my work. It is sad I know but I now know that filling out forms is not my forte.

On to my workout..

Well, I was not able to workout yesterday because I gave blood for the American Red Cross. So yesterday was core day and I missed it. There is some part of me that is a little happy that I missed it but mostly I was a little upset. I am not sure what I will be doing today but since I was off yesterday, I am sure today will suck pretty badly :-)

My eating is still pretty crappy, today a bagel with cream cheese and for lunch a chicken sandwich. I was going to go home for lunch but was unable to because of a conference call at 12. Tonight I hope that I can eat something that will be a little better, but you never know. I am thinking about cooking some fish, very good for you (if you don't fry it)

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