Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feeling good

So far so good, I have been getting into the workouts at the park, so yesterdays workout was pretty good. I felt really good after it, not very exausted. My eating has been getting better, I have been trying to eat more whole grains with fruits and veggies. I take a multi-vitamin in the morning before work and it really seems to help me get the day started.

Today it is my daughters first day of soccer class, she is looking forward to it. I will take some pictures and put it up later today/tomorrow.

It was funny yesterday, she ended up working out with me at the park. We ran a circut where at first we did push ups, then we ran to some cones and did 25 jumping jacks. After that we ran around a small field and up a large hill and did 50 arm raises while in a squat position. We then ran down the hill across the street and did suicides and finishing up with 25 leg raised crunches. We did this 3 times and Megan did it once. When we got home, she was pretty tired. She ate and then went right to bed.

Today I had special K for breakfast and will go home and eat some fruit with a low fat high protein lunch which will consist of a turkey rollup. I might end up jogging during lunch since I won't be able to make the workout tonight due to Megans soccer.

Till next time

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