Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Blues

Well, back at work on Monday and man I don't want to be here. I hope lunch will give me the pick me up that I need. I have not worked out all week due to rain, but hope to get out this week and start back up. The weather forecast for the week has a chance of rain all week, with the most being tomorrow so hopefully there will be the boot camp this week.

Megan went back to West Monroe for the weekend with my wife's parents. She said that she had a good time, all I know is that it was quiet around the house without her. We got the house cleaned up while she was gone, and maybe we can keep it clean for more than a few days. Now she is back and ready to get back to school.

I need to rent some scaffolding to paint our living room, Home Depot has it to rent for the week for $55, so going to check around this week at other places. Any suggestions? We have 17 foot ceilings so getting up to the top to paint is kind of hard without something to help out.

Well, not much going on around here, will keep you posted, just keep checking back.


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