Friday, May 9, 2008

The Doctor's office

I went to the doctor's office last week to get some new contacts and to get a new pair of glasses, now a week later I have my glasses. I decided to get a good pair of glasses that would make me wear them more, so I got some nice Nike glasses that are a flex frame (bend easily) with some clip on polarized shades. I spent some money on them, knowing that I want to wear them more than I have in the past.

So now that I have them, they feel weird. I feel myself working to focus when I look at different things. Typing this post, is relative easy on my eyes because I am not having to refocus, but if I look away, say the tv about 30 feet from me, I have to readjust my eyes and it hurts my eyes and head some.

After playing with my glasses, I decide to go back to the doctor thinking that that maybe my percription was wrong on my glasses because I did not have to strain with my old glasses and my new contacts were fine also.

So now back from the doctors office, it seems that I astigmatism in my left eye. For anyone that does not know what astigmatism is to put it simply it is when the human eye is not shaped correctly. Typically the human eye is round like a marble, but with an astigmatism, the human eye is curved, less round and more oval. About 30% of humans have astigmatism but most never notice it.

I am now going to try out my glasses for a few weeks to see if I still strain while looking at things and if my head still hurts. If it continues to hurt after a few weeks, I will go back in for a recheck.

So now you know you know about my trip to the doctors office and that I have an astigmatism.


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