Sunday, May 11, 2008

A good weekend..

Well, the weekend is over and all in all it was a pretty good weekend. My mother-in-law came in this weekend for mothers day and it was pretty good. She got to see her new grand baby and helped out.

We went to the Farmers Market and then went to The Flying Fish for lunch on Saturday along with the Discovery Museum for Megan. It was pretty fun. I am looking forward to next weekend, as I am ready to eat some crawfish. As some of you don't know I have started a yearly tradition here in Little Rock, AR. I have a crawfish boil every year. It started last year as a house warming party, but I want to do it ever year for a party for friends and family to come visit and just have a good time.

Just to give out a link to another blog that I read, Slashfood. There is a good article on Souther Sweet Tea for anyone that is not southern, it is a good read on some good tea.


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