Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend work...

Well, had a very busy weekend. Started off getting up and helping some ppl at my church hang some house lights for a guy that had suffered a brain tumor. After getting the lights up, a few of us decided to go play some flag football. Went out and played for about an hour then came home and put Megan down for her nap.

When Megans nap was done, we decided to go the the Little Rock Christmas parade and capitol lighting. Attached are some pics from this. We met up with Tiffany's friend, Beckie. Got home from that and went to bed to wake up at 12:00am to go to work. Got in at 5 AM and finally woke up.

As you can see, a very busy day. My mother-in-law is coming in today because tomorrow we are going to find if we are having a boy or a girl. Other than this, not much else going on. Cleaning up around the house, and putting up lights and other things for Christmas.

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