Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back and Cold..

Well, we made it back into town last night, and when we got home, our heat did not work :-(. I checked all the normal things, fuses, etc and nothing. It was 56 degrees in our house and not getting any warmer. Not sure what was going on but all I knew I was in for a long night.

Luckily we had flannel sheets on our bed and a pretty thick comforter, that made the night pretty warm. We decide to let Megan sleep in our bed since the upstairs was pretty chilly. All in all it was not to bad. The sheets really helped keeping us warm, plus 3 of us in the bed keep us all warm.

Have not played much of WoW over the break, but will more than likely do so since I am off all week. Got a PsP for Christmas, so will play that some I think. Not much more than that going on, currently waiting for the heater guy to show up. We still have a home warranty that the sellers bought for a year that will pay for most of the repairs if any.

On that subject, not sure if it is worth it in the long run to renew the warranty. It is around $500 for the year, and I think that I can just put money back instead of getting the warranty for the year, and come out ahead. Not sure, will do some more research on it. What do you think?

Will let you know when my heat is back up, have a good day, till next time.

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