Monday, December 17, 2007

Weeked work..

Had a pretty good weekend. Play wayyyyy too much WoW, so now going to have to back off for a few days to get my bearings again. Ending up reviving my rogue, and realizing that I really, really like PvPing with him.

So with this new found love, I set off to see what I could do. Got in a 5v5 and got my ass owned. Did some reading and I believe that it will be awhile till we get some wins. I got my 10 wins in for the week. Got into some AV and really liking that, ending up getting season 1 Gladiator gloves to help with my stamina. We will see.

Got my Kersplooge, my paladin, to almost 70. Will probably get him to 70 today. Ran Shadow labs, got 1000 - 1500 xp per kill, was very nice. That coupled with quest, ending up getting around 200k worth of xp.

Write again soon...

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