Thursday, December 13, 2007

Learning my camera

I have had my camera for about a year now, it is a DSLR Olympus E-500. I should have done this a long time ago, but never did. Learn how to use a camera.

This type of camera is not a point and click. I really believe you can really take some good pictures if you take the time and learn what it takes to make a picture turn out. It takes the knowing what shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Here is a good link that I found that really explains what each of these are,

I am wanting to try some new lenses, apart from the kit lenses that I got with my camera. I might bring it up to the local camera shop and see what a new lens can do for me. I know right now I can't afford a new lens but maybe after the new year and a little bit of saving.

Now with some of my gaming...

I ran Kara last night with my guild, got to Chess event and took down Nightbane. Had problems on Shade, but it was late and I think ppl were just tired. Going to try and make it again tonight to finish up, but don't know.

Found a good site for building your character, After running Kara, I realized that I am really lacking in gear. I currently have 840 to shadow damage, and in the Kara raid last night I was right above the MT in damage. I know sad.

Some upgrades that I can get are Spellstrike Hood, Gladiators S1 main hand, and the Orb of the Soul caller, with 25 badges. That should get me closer to 1000 shadow damage, but still have a lot of gear to get outside of Kara.

Enough for today, till next time...

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