Monday, October 19, 2009

What a weekend

It has been hectic the past few days. After my wife got home from her surgery everything seemed to be going ok, by my standards, not hers. I have been helping out around the house getting the laundry done, dishes all the while I have been letting her rest and get well. I moved our recliner down stairs for her to sleep in so she can sit up right.

The kids went to my in-laws this past weekend and I don't think they were prepared for Mason. He is a handful and my mother-in-law just got off from getting her tonsils out. From my understanding he was up most the weekend and they did not get much sleep due to that.

I had some work that I had to do Sunday morning, that went very wrong. my work was suppose to start at 10:30 pm Saturday evening and end 2-3 in the morning on Sunday and I was suppose to be able to do the work from home. Well, I started my work but in the middle of it my remote connection stopped working and I had to go in to work. Well, when I got to work I was unable to get the keyboard and mouse to work in front of the server.

I finally got it working, but in the meantime we had another server in the room where I was at have 3 hard drives fail. I ended up getting home about 11am the next day and even then I was not able to get any sleep because i had to go pick up my kids from my in-laws in Monticello. I dozed off a few times coming and going, I am just glad that I got back with my kids in one piece.

Well, my wife and her family were not very happy because I had to work when I was suppose to take care of my wife with no kids. I was running on little sleep and was up for 48 hours. Well guess what I have been taking care of my wife. I picked up around the house, and have been doing anything she ask. I have been thinking of her before me.

Today is her birthday. I brought her lunch today, gave her a birthday card and chocolates and when she get better, I have another gift to give her but she or her family is not happy with me. Why? apparently I am not doing enough and I worked this past weekend too much.

She reads this blog, or at least I think she does, so the last thing that I want to say is that I love her very much and that I want to wish her a happy birthday even though she is in a grumpy mood. Tonight I will cook dinner and bake her a cake, or whatever she wants.


ashley said...

You are a good husband.

tiffany said...

you are a good husband. I love you and am just now reading this. I wish you wouldn't have posted all that for the world to see though. We did talk about it though not long after you posted this. Just a request not to bring such personal dilemmas in public. I do love you, more and more.