Saturday, July 14, 2007

Work, Work...

In work right now, got in about 12:00 am. Installing some new servers and working to move some existing servers to a new console server. The fun never ends.

Not an eventful weekend, finally got out in the yard and did some yard work. Cleaned up around the house, seems like that is all I do now, never ending cleaning.

I have been on the fence about my Wii, whether or not it was the right choice of console, and after reading some of the information from E3 this year, I think it is. Let me explain my reasoning. The Xbox has been confirmed to have a design flaw that causes the red ring of death, so if were to buy one of those, it is pretty much a crap shoot if my box would die. As for the PS3, they announced a price drop of $100 right before E3, but it turns out that that price drop is only temporary until they get rid of the 60gig model, so they can sell their bundled $80 gig model for $599.

All in all, I think I chose the winner of the 3. I can't wait till Metroid 3: Corruption comes out. A few on my wish list are that, Guitar Hero 3, and Mario Galaxies. I am still up in the air with Smash Brothers. I will defiantly have some games to play during Christmas.

Until next time..

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