Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My toons

If anyone is wondering, I have toons on 2 servers. "SneakySneaky" is my first toon that I started when World of Warcraft first came out but had to change him to "Wassneaky" when I transfered him to Baelgun. He is a lvl70 undead rogue currently on Baelgun server.

Also on this server is a paladin that I am currently leveling up to tank and AOE grind, his name is Kersplooge (if you know where that name is from I will give you a cookie). My last toon is on Garona server, my original server. That toon is a lvl 70 priest, currently named "Healbot". I will more than likely move her over to Baelgun, because of some real life friends now on that server and because I pretty much hate Garona.

If you see me on at anytime, just send me a tell to say Hi.

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