Monday, July 30, 2007

Work out this week

Well, I got the the gym this week and got myself weighed and from my last weighing, I lost 4 pounds :-). I am now at 242.6 pounds. My goal for next week will be 240 pounds. I know that that is alot in one week, but I am going to push for it. I will get some pics of myself and the weight print out that I get from the gym. I will post every week a new print out and every month or so a pic of me and how I look.

I went and got a pair of shorts this weekend and am down a size. Nothing feels better than that. I started cooking allot more. Tonight I cooked some barbque chicken out on the grill, took about 1 hour cooking time, very good. Had this with some baked beans and a sweet potato. Until next time. Will keep updating with my progress.

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