Monday, August 25, 2008

LR Marathon !!

Well, I am back. I was kind of in a drought and now I should be back. I have started running in preparation for the Little Rock Marathon in March.

I started last week and have been running every day with Sunday as an off day. I find it relaxing when I run. I don't have to worry or think about anything. I just listen to my Ipod and jog. After only a week, I have noticed a difference in my jogging. The longest distance that I have done is 2.5 miles. I know that it is a long way from 26.2 miles, but that is why I am starting now for the race in March.

A cool site that I have found for mapping routes around my house is, This site uses Google maps to help create a route for your to run/jog.

I will log all my miles so anyone can follow. Last week, I ran 11 miles and today my scheduled distance is 1.5 miles.


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