Wednesday, June 4, 2008

30 Days..

I have been watching a show called "30 Days". Maybe someone of you have heard of the show, it is a reality show in which one person does something for 30 days. In the first episode of last season the host decided that he and his girlfriend would go live on minimum wage for 30 days. They found out how hard it was just living on aluminums wage and end the end, one of them had to work 2 full time jobs, just to keep up.

Going from this, I want to start a 30 days experiment. I am still thinking about what I can do for 30 days. I want to do something that will take me out of my confront zone because I believe that anything worth having takes work.

I thought about trying to bike to work for 30 days, but realized that I still have to take kids to daycare/school so that would be out. Other things I am thinking of is not eating meat, or no sodas. I am not sure what would I should do.

I know I have a problem with self control, so whatever I do will test me with this. Whatever I do, I will blog about it here, and I will tell you day by day what is going on.

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