Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week of running..

Well, I have been running more and more, currently up to 16 miles for this week. I jogged 3 miles yesterday and have 3 more for today. I think I am down about 10-15 pounds in the last month of jogging, but I know I am down at least 2 belt holes. I am in dire need of new shoes, but don't have the money get a new pair. I hope to get a pair in the coming weeks, but I will see.

Well, There are a lot of things going on in the coming weeks. I have my daughters 4th birthday, going to San Antonio, TX and also have my wife's 30th birthday. All of this along with the every day things that go on.

As for WoW, I got into beta but it has been so laggy I have not played much. Instead I have been playing my rogue again, and enjoying it very much. I am thinking about moving my priest back over to Baelgun, as I never play him because he is on the other server.

Till next time, will keep updating..


Megan said...

Congrats on the running! How do you determine how much you are going to run in a week? I've been doing lots of walking and I want to set goals for distance!

tiffany said...

I'm proud of you!! You're looking good.