Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back in it.

Well, I am going to try and get back into updating my blog. It has been pretty cold around here lately so I have not been doing much. I am probably going to start at 10 gym. It is a gym around here, not sure if it is a chain or not, but it is only 10 dollars a month with no contract. I think that I can get my jogging in during lunch while it is cold outside. I will try and get my long runs done during the weekend when Tiffany is off and I can take an hour or so.

My son has been talking more and more and he seems to be getting out of that baby stage and really get in the toddler stage. He seems to have started the terrible 2's. It seems to be hard to please him. I have been resulted to just ignore him at times, when he starts to really fuss. Not sure what else to do. He has been waking up at night and when I go up to calm him down, I do just that. I calm him down without getting him out of his crib and leave. He has been calming down quicker and quicker, so I believe that I am doing a pretty good job.

Wish me luck, because I will need it.

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tiffany said...

maybe now he feels better, we will be on our way to some happiness!